Artist Statement

I am fascinated by creating light and color with paint. I feel amazement when observing the colors of nature and want to bring these feelings into my canvases. I want my paintings to be a visual meditation on light and color, drawing the viewer into a deeper relationship with nature.

I love to work with the luscious colors of oil paint. Using brushes, oil paint, oil sticks, palette knives and rags, I build up layers of paint on canvas, creating a rich textured surface of broken colors. With this layering process Iím able to achieve many subtle color combinations and contrasts, bringing a luminosity and glow to my paintings.

Calais Field
Mountain Glow       24" x 30"

Nature inspires me. I feel awe when I see the variety of forms, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. Drawing and studying these natural subjects, I am aware of a power much greater than myself. My paintings begin with time spent on-site, sketching, taking notes and photographs. In my studio I work with paint to convey my awe and deepest appreciation of nature.

I have been very inspired by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. Using broken colors, building layers of small dots of paint, I want to continue in this tradition, adding a contemporary focus on surface and texture. I feel very fortunate to be an artist and enjoy the colors of nature and art. Light and color have a strong positive influence on our world. I feel this positive force when I paint and I want to share this with my viewers.

Joy Huckins-Noss